7 Tips to Keep the Inside Of Your Car Spotless

7 Tips to Keep the Inside Of Your Car Spotless


7 Tips to Keep the Inside Of Your Car Spotless

Does your car interior look like a dustbin? Unfortunately, it’s never easy to keep your car spotless when driving with children or pets — Even if you use your car a lot, it would eventually make the car dirty and spotted.

Cleaning your car’s interior isn’t as difficult as you think. In fact, with a little effort every day, your car stays looking brand new.

You don’t have to deep clean your car every day. Instead, minimize your stress by using seven working tips that are enough to make your car look gleaming instantly.

1. Get Rid of Trash

Start your cleaning process on a macro scale instead of digging down to micro details. Look out for obvious trash everywhere and throw it away including wrappers, cups, bags, shoppers, tissues, toys, food, etc.

2. Clean the Muddy Footprints

Before the start of the vacuuming process, take the floor mats out of the vehicle and shake them until the dirt is removed as much as possible. If you still see visible footprints on the mat, brush off the affected area.

If the dirt is hard to remove, use a soap or liquid cleaner and scrub the surface with hot water.

3. Use the Vacuum Cleaner

7 Tips to Keep the Inside Of Your Car Spotless

Start vacuuming your car from the top and work down to the bottom. In this way, the dust or dirt won’t fall back on the floor in the end. It’s hard to reach small areas for cleaning and that’s where a vacuum cleaner becomes a handy gadget. Clean every part of the car such as the front seat, back seat, dashboard, side door panels, pedals, etc.

4. Use a Car Air Freshener

Use a Car Air Freshener

After all the cleaning chores, there’s still one thing left to refresh in your car, i.e. The smell of it. Use an air freshener to keep your mood lively throughout the commute time — Let your family enjoy the lingering scent instead of the damped smell in a closed car. 

5. Get a Dustbin for Your Car

Maybe it’s time to get a trash can instead of thinking your whole car is a dustbin. Gathering the trash later when it’s cluttered everywhere is a headache. Let there be a designated place to throw the litter so it doesn’t spread throughout the car.

6. Buy Cup Holder Liners

Are you tired of sticky spots because of the drips and spills? Get some cup holder liners and place them in your car to avoid spills and unwanted spots when the liquid knocks over the car’s interior surface.

7 Tips to Keep the Inside Of Your Car Spotless

7. Keep Your Shoes Clean

Keep the mess outside of your car so you don’t have to clean it in the future. Dirty shoe outsole is one of the obvious reasons why your car interior keeps getting muddy. Try to remove the dirt from your shoes before hopping in.

Get Your Car Cleaned By a Professional Today!

In this scorching heat, it’s often hard to clean your car’s interior on your own. Even if you do, despite all the necessary steps taken, you can’t compete with a carwash in the cleaning efficiency.

We offer exclusive car cleaning services in the heart of Palm Desert, covering areas such as Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, La Quinta, and Bermuda Dunes.

Visit us today to get a quick and effective interior cleaning!

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