Are Automated Car Washes Bad For Your Car?

Are Automated Car Washes Bad For Your Car?


First impressions are everything, and if your car is not sparkling the first time around, consider your impression down in the dumps! One of the options to get your car washed is an automated car wash. But is it really good for a car?

Well it is, and for various reasons. Following are some of them. Of course, you cannot spend hours upon hours just scrubbing to make your car shine as it used to when you first bought it. So the next best thing you can do is take a shortcut, not a risk. With an Automated Car Wash in Cathedral City, you do not have to bear the burden of it alone!

Let’s dive in, and find out how an automated car wash benefits your beauty!

Why You Should Opt for Automated Car Wash

A plethora of people seems to have the misconception that automated car washes are much more expensive than washing the car yourself. It’s actually the other way round. You understand that once you figure out the number of conditions you have to fill and the amount of equipment you have to purchase to do the required task. An Automated Car Wash in Cathedral City is much more beneficial as it is near you and economical as well.

Furthermore, Automatic car washes are proficient with regards to water use. Having rehashed the same task multiple times, car washes use a limited amount of water to get the work done

At the point when you wash your vehicle at home you will utilize a large amount of water, regardless of whether you are attempting to be cautious. It is assessed that the normal car wash utilizes one-fourth of the measure of water used to wash a vehicle at home. This implies that water is not being wasted. Car Washes use environment-friendly products too, as they are more easily available to them than the average person. These products are not only gentle on your vehicle, but also the environment. Moreover, auto service has the means to control these chemicals from seeping into the ground and potentially killing any plants

The Different Types of Automated Car Washes

1.    Tunnel Washes with Rotating Brushes

Your car enters a tunnel through a conveyer system of transport line that takes the vehicle through an arrangement of brushes and blowers. It is cheap yet also effective with the ability to get rid of any stains or dirt from the roof of the car to its tires, without ruining the car’s paint or wasting too much water and product.

The Different Types of Automated Car Washes

2.    Soft Cloth Washers

Some automated car washes tend to use a cloth to clean cars.  Soft-touch washers offer a more careful cleaning. On the off chance that the car wash utilizes brushes, they thoroughly clean all parts of the vehicle and are useful for disposing of residue and dust.

3.    Hand Washing

According to all the professionals out there, hand washing is perhaps the best method as it is least likely to damage your car. If this technique is chosen, only the best products are used and every inch of your car is cleaned with diligence.

4.    Touchless Washers

No-touch washers depend on additional cleaning agents to compensate for the absence of material or brushes, which prevents scratches on the surface of the car. There’s one drawback though, it may damage the polish.

5.    Rinseless Washing

This method requires the use of a rinseless cleansing product mixed with a bucket of water. No sponges or brushes are needed because rinseless products do not create lather. All that needs to be done is wiping the car with the mixture. Using this method eliminates the chances of scratches and wastage of water, it is also a rather quick process.

As you can see there are a few options when it comes to washing your car. Living in the harsh Coachella Valley Sun, your car needs all the care it can get. Not only are we battling the brutally hot sun, but wind, sand and dust as well. That’s why the care for your car at Grand Prix Car Wash is unparalleled.  Take the stress out of cleaning your own car and bring it down to us… see our selections of car washes and book your car in… you will be glad you did

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