Can I Just Wash My Car With Water?

Can I Just Wash My Car With Water?


It always feels good to care for what you love. Your car is no exception. You may choose to wash your car with just water at home or on a driveway

It’s even more fun washing your car with kids during summer or in hot regions such as in Palm Desert, right?

What you may be unaware of are the damages that this can cause to both your car and the environment. Let’s find out how

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Car with Water at Home

#1. Waste of Water & High Water Bills

When using a garden hose to wash your car, you may use between 100 to 300 gallons of water depending on the size of your car. Most of the water will go to waste.

While you may focus on saving, you’ll be incurring high costs on water bills

#2. It’s Tiring & Time-Consuming

With no specialized cleaning equipment at home, washing your car will a time-consuming and tedious exercise.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Car Wash Service

#3. Home Detergents are Harsh On Your Car Paint

Harsh and abrasive home detergents that are commonly used such as Dish Soap can damage your car.

They will remove your car’s protective body wax, damage rubber components, and oxidize your car’s body paint resulting in a dull-looking car. No more cherished sparkling shine!

#4. Fine Paint Scratches & Swirl Marks

Fine particles in a home-cleaning sponge or drying cloth will cause fine scratches on your car without you noticing.

Within no time, the fine scratches and swirl marks will be vividly visible. All it takes is a tiny sand particle.

#5. Direct Sun Damages

It’s never recommended that you wash your car in the sun. However, getting a suitable shade on a sunny day is always a challenge.

As you wash your car with water and soap in the sun, the soap will quickly dry up causing a dull layer on your car’s body.

 There will also be unsightly watermarks or spots on your car’s body and windscreens.

#6.  Hazardous to Your Environment

Dirty soapy water from your car draining in your yard is likely to pollute other sources of water and the surrounding ecosystem in general.

3 Benefits of a Professional Car Wash Service

As we’ve noticed, a decision to wash your car with water at home can be very costly and not a cost-saving option as you may have thought.

Here are reasons why you should consider a professional Car Wash Service like Grand Prix Car Wash:

1. Enhance Your Car’s Value

We provide specialized interior and exterior cleaning with no physical damages. This is good for your car’s maintenance as well as its market value.

When the time comes to sell your car, your sales pitch confidence will be high and rewarding since the car will be in a perfect state.

2. Effective & Efficient Services

Because our professional Car Wash service has all the right cleaning equipment and tools, you are assured of our efficiency and effective cleaning abilities.

 Being specialized, your car will shine both externally and internally. You’ll be saving time, energy, and of course, money!

3. No Waste of Water and No Pollution

A published Report on Professional Car Wash indicates that a small car requires about 23 gallons of water while a full-size car can be washed with about 42 gallons.

Therefore, there  is little water wastage and we have water a water recycling system in place. It’s a perfect choice if you truly love going green!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Car Wash Service

With many Car Wash service providers, deciding on which one to trust with your car requires that you take time to evaluate their capacities.

Here are factors to consider when choosing your best Car Wash service provider:

  1. It should be in a convenient and safe location
  2. Promptness in service delivery
  3. The range of services they offer that suit your needs
  4. How well they have invested in suitable car-washing equipment
  5. Their experience in the sector and professionalism of their staff
  6. Excellence in service delivery with good customer care


  1. Sometimes you may need to visit a few Car Wash service providers to assess their services before making your best choice.
  2. You may also conduct online research to evaluate their service value through Customers’ Reviews or social media engagements where applicable

Looking For a Professional Car Wash in Palm Desert?

If you reside in Palm Desert  where temperatures are usually above 100o F (40o C) for up to a period of 6 months, your car will surely need extra care.

This is because your car gets exposed to the region’s damaging sun, hot tar from the roads, dust, and hot-dusty wind.

Don’t risk damaging your car by washing it with water the ordinary way in this extraordinary condition.

We offer Specialized Car Wash Services that will enhance your car’s physical status and market value even in such hot conditions

Our Professional Car Wash Services and Customer Care have earned us respect among our valuable customers who come from Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, la Quinta, and Bermuda Dunes among other regions.

Contact us today for Your Car’s New Journey to Perfect Health!

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