Do Automatic Car Washes Clean The Undercarriage

Do Automatic Car Washes Clean The Undercarriage


Do Automatic Car Washes Clean the Undercarriage?

It seems like you have decided to take your car for an automatic car wash but your meticulous personality is bothering you with so many questions. One question might be – will an automatic car wash clean the underneath of my car. 

There is no straightforward answer as it depends on what kind of machinery is installed and being used in a car wash. As a matter of fact, automatic car washes do clean the undercarriage to some extent.   

Hold that question! Before getting a satisfactory answer let me enlighten you on what car parts are washed and cleaned particularly in an automatic car wash.

What Car Parts Are Cleaned In An Automatic Car Wash?

Automatic car wash is a quick, time-saving service that takes care of the car’s exterior cleaning. 

What Car Parts Are Cleaned In An Automatic Car Wash?

All car washes do the superficial on surface washing, cleaning, scrubbing, and drying of the car parts – that include front and rear bumpers, windshields, roof, side windows, doors, trunks, tires, and wheels of the car. These parts are the fundamental concern of automatic car washes. 

For automatic car wash, Grand Prix Wash uses biodegradable, car-friendly detergents and soft scrubbers to clean every inch of the car without damaging the charming looks of your vehicle. 

Why Car Undercarriage Washing Is Important?

As you know automatic car wash will make your car externally pristine, immaculate, smooth, and shiny. Despite this, why does its undercarriage cleaning, which apparently will not be visible, interest you. 

Undercarriage cleaning is not less important compared to the cleaning of the rest of the automobile. 

Why Car Undercarriage Washing Is Important?

Mud and salt can induce undercarriage damage to the gas tank, exhaust system, and car suspension. Therefore washing alleviates the damage risks. It also saves the car from weathering and early corrosion. 

How Automatic Car Washes Clean Undercarriage?

Not all but some car wash setups have undercarriage washing features, which use the spray of water to detach and separate the dirt, grime, and attached clods from underneath the car. 

Let me give you a clear answer to your question. Those car washes that have undercarriage cleaning features will only wash and clean it by using a water shower. No automatic car wash uses detergents, scrubbers, or drying technology for undercarriage cleaning.

Can Car Undercarriage Be Cleaned Manually?

Undoubtedly car undercarriage cleaning can be performed by hand.  In fact, manual undercarriage cleaning is more efficient and thorough contrary to automatic cleaning. That is because different essential products and proper techniques are used for manual undercarriage cleaning. 

Grand Prix Wash uses fine quality products for manual detailed and deep undercarriage cleaning. 

Although automatic undercarriage washing can save you from any prospective trouble, temporarily. But

It is obligatory to take your car for manual undercarriage cleaning and detailing once in a while.

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