Do Drive-Through Car Washes Damage Paint

Do Drive-Through Car Washes Damage Paint


Do Drive-Through Car Washes Damage Paint?

In these busy times, it’s difficult to wash your car by yourself. Hence, you decide to go to one of your nearest car washes to get things done. But, since you have heard that drive-through car washes damage the car paint during the process, you are reluctant to visit a car wash. 

How accurate is this statement, actually?

Well, here’s the answer — Drive-through car washes can damage your car’s paint, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will do. In other words, not every car wash facility is the same. It’s purely a user error due to which your car’s paint is compromised and affected.

Will a Car Wash Damage Your Car’s Paint?

The statement “every car wash is bad for your car” is far from reality. In actuality, some car washes use intensive soaping, which removes the protective layer of the car’s paint, making it vulnerable during the car wash process. The car’s finish deteriorates and gets scrubbed away. 

Will a Car Wash Damage Your Car’s Paint?

If you keep visiting such a car wash, the inner metal of the car will start rusting as there’s no paint layer to protect it. Sometimes, excessive scrubbing with the wrong tools can contribute to the destruction of your car’s coat and wax.

Therefore, car washes can be terrible for your car in the long run — but there are always bad ones & good ones. You’ll be fine if you’re visiting the later ones just like Grand Prix Car Wash in Palm Desert

How Often Should Cars Be Washed?

There’s no need to worry if the car wash uses the right tools and soaps as it won’t damage the car’s paint. In fact, washing your car frequently and regularly is important for its maintenance. The later you bring your car to the car wash, the aggressive treatment would be needed for proper cleaning.

How Often Should Cars Be Washed?

Don’t expect gentle brushing on your car when it’s completely covered in dirt and grime. Visiting a car wash not so often may cost car’s paint damage or wax removal due to forceful cleaning.

Moreover, dust and dirt accumulated on the car’s surface can deteriorate the car’s paint too. It can pose uncountable tiny scratches to the car’s surface, reacting chemically with the car’s finish and also contributing to the rusting process.

Prepare Your Car Before Visiting a Car Wash

Before you visit a car wash, it’s best to follow the below tips to get the most out of your visit:

Keep the Windows Closed: Drive-through car washes use spray jets and rotating brushes that can damage your car’s windows. They may break the glass or the mount of the window. Similarly, close the sunroof if you have, lock the doors, and make sure the seals are in place.

Remove the Antenna: If your car’s model has an antenna, remove it while entering a drive-through car wash as the moving scrubs can bend or break it.

Clear the Clutter and Debris: Remove any interior or exterior debris on the car before visiting the car wash.

If you want a damage-free car wash service in the heart of Palm Desert, feel free to visit us today!

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