How Often Should You Take Your Car to the Car Wash

How Often Should You Take Your Car to the Car Wash


How Often Should You Take Your Car to the Car Wash?

Giving your car an aesthetically pleasing look isn’t the only reason you take your car to the car wash. If you want to preserve your car’s paint and finish for long, it’s better to get it washed regularly — But the question is, “How often?”

While it obviously depends on a lot of factors, you should take your car to a car wash every two or three weeks. 

But again, it hugely depends on your preferences and car’s needs. Let’s take a look at a few factors that may decide how often you should wash your car.

5 Factors Affecting How Often You Should Take Your Car to a Car Wash

Your Car’s Daily Commute Distance

If you’re driving your car to commute long distances, it would be susceptible to more dust particles and other air pollutant particles. In other words, the more you drive your car, the more you would likely have to visit a car wash to remove the damaging debris regularly. 

How Often Should You Take Your Car to the Car Wash


Not everyone can afford to leave his car without washing it for months. For example, people living near Palm desert face hot and dusty weather all the time — you can’t miss visiting a car wash in the scorching heat of South California. This is something you can’t change, and you have to bear with the climate you live in.

Area of Locality

Surroundings play an important role in keeping your car clean or dirty. Bird poops are a common problem for a car’s windshield — we all know that. It is not only bad for the car’s physical appearance but also for the surface finish. Biochemicals present in bird poop can damage a car’s finish in the presence of sunlight.

Your Workplace

It doesn’t matter where you live when your work area is responsible for all the stains on your car. For example, if you’re an engineer, you’re likely to visit construction sites, industrial environments, and factories. It might cost your car a few extra washing sessions. 

How Often Should You Take Your Car to the Car Wash

Parking Area

Do you have a garage to park your car in? If not, then you will have to visit a car wash frequently. A garage protects the vehicle from the harsh environment outside. A car’s finish will likely be more damaged when exposed to sunlight for a long period.

Your Personal Preference

At last, it’s really up to you how you want your car to look — Are you willing to see your beloved car remain dirty for weeks?

Washing a car is more than just your personal preference. It plays a huge role in its maintenance and determining the resale value.

Get Professional Car Wash Services in Your Town!

Instead of filling up the buckets and taking the sponge in your hands, get professional help to restore your car’s beauty. Our professional car wash experts are ready to serve you with the best car cleaning solutions in the Palm desert!

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