Is It Better to Handwash Your Car?

Is It Better to Handwash Your Car?


Is It Better to Hand-Wash Your Car?

When you want to improve your car’s appearance and extend its automotive life, your mind is juggling between selecting an automatic car wash or handwashing it by yourself. Is it better to hand wash your car than to take it to a car wash facility?

It’s better to take your car to a drive-thru car wash facility than handwashing it by yourself. Automatic car washes are safe, fast, and thorough. Moreover, car wash facilities use modern car washing techniques that cost less and save water.

It’s essential for people living in hot and sunny climates to wash their car regularly to maintain its resale value. Selecting the wrong car wash won’t be beneficial in the long run.

In this article, we will discuss why taking your vehicle to a car wash is a better decision than handwashing it yourself.

4 Reasons Why Automatic Wash is Better Than Hand Wash

#1. Automatic Washes Are Thorough Than Hand Wash

The car wash quality done by the automatic car wash is nearly perfect. You can’t expect the machine to skip any of your car’s parts as all cleaning steps are already fed in the device’s memory.

Since experts at a car wash have completed professional training and education, they know what they are doing to keep your car clean and safe. On the other hand, body muscles are not always strong enough to clean every part of the car — leaving a dull look at the end.

#2. Hand Wash Takes More Time Than a Car Wash

People love to take their vehicles to a drive-thru washing facility because of the time factor. It takes around 5-10 minutes to get your car washed. In contrast, it takes at least thirty minutes (sometimes even more than an hour) to hand wash your vehicle thoroughly.

Is It Better to Handwash Your Car

Hand washing a car is a time-intensive job — Would you be willing to clean your car for hours when you get it done within minutes?

#3. Car Washes Use High-Quality Cleaning Chemicals

Is It Better to Handwash Your Car

Car washes have the best shampoos, scrubs, and other cleaning materials to wash your car. Their brushes can clean the grime and dirt off your vehicle without scratching the surface — Not being too soft or too hard.

Using hair shampoo can damage the car’s paint if the concentrated solution stays on the car’s surface for too long during a hand wash. It’s better to avoid cleaning the car with homemade soap or shampoo. Go for a car wash that uses commercial-grade cleaning products in its service.

#4. Hand Wash is Labor-Intensive

Is It Better to Handwash Your Car

Automatic car wash machines never get tired of washing cars, but humans may do. After a few minutes, the humans’ muscles will get tired during a hand wash, and they will be unable to rinse the dust, dirt, and grime off your car.

Unless you want to exhaust yourself with continuous scrubbing, sponging, and wiping the car, you should take your vehicle to a car wash facility.

Want to Take Your Car to a Car Wash?

Enjoy the top-quality full-service car wash in the heart of Palm Desert, Southern California. We also serve as a one-stop destination for car detailing, polishing, and carpet steam cleaning services for your vehicle. Call us today and make a booking.

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