Preparing Your Car For a Thorough Wash

Preparing Your Car For a Thorough Wash


Preparing Your Car For a Thorough Wash

Every time you ask around about the car wash tips, most people go on about how to wash a car or how to maintain the car after the wash, or what advantages your car will get after a  detailed wash. But some questions always remained unanswered like how to prepare your car for a thorough wash. The reason is – most of us considered it a dumb question as this has pretty obvious answers. 

Despite knowing how to prepare the car for a thorough wash, we miss out on the important safety precaution at the last minute. 

So, if you are making up your mind to give your car a thorough wash – whether this is your first rodeo or not – you need to look at those certain prerequisites that are mandatory to follow. 

8 Tips to prepare your car for a thorough Wash: 

Either you are taking your car to a professional for careful, in-depth washing or want to do it by yourself, these basic tips will be helpful in every scenario.

  • Check the weather: You know the first thing you should do is to look up and save the perfect day for a car wash – the day when the weather is going to be neither too hot nor too cold. As such weather affect the drying process and leave patches on the car body. Better not to choose the rainy day at all costs.
  • Select the right package: Nearly all car wash stations offer a variety of packages to choose from. Keeping in view the state of your car and its needs, choose the right package. You can also check out Grand Prix Wash for amazing car wash packages. 
  • Keep Car in shades before Washing: When the water hits the hot surface of the car, it can cause paint damage and leave resistant water spots. Don’t leave the car under scorching sunlight one hour before washing.
  • Let the engine cool down: Don’t think of washing the car right after you have driven it for many miles. Let the engine of the car cool down if you don’t want any mishaps.
  • Wind up the Windows: Needless to say, this is pretty self-explanatory. But make sure windows are completely closed. A tiny opening might soak your car interior a very lot. 
  • Inspect for the loose rubber: Try to find the loose rubber around the windshield, windows, and doors. Make sure to repair them before the water and suds ooze into the car interior. 
  • Detach the mirrors: For an automatic car wash, it is better to detach the mirror of your car. Let them be if you are using the handwash method.
  • Enclose the car completely: Fasten each door, lock the trunk and wind up every window tightly.

There are some extra tips for those who want to give car washing  a try at home:

  • Choose the clean area to wash the car; as muddy splashing can ruin all your struggle within seconds. 
  • Keep every tool, towel, and brush organized and near at hand.

Still, looking for something more? Click here, save a booking, and get  Grand Prix Wash experts’ professional opinions. 

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