Should I Go to a Car Wash Before or After Repairs to My Car?

Should I Go to a Car Wash Before or After Repairs to My Car?


Should I Go to a Car Wash Before or After Repairs to My Car?

To many car owners, it is not unknown that taking a car to the car wash either before or after repairs wholly depends on the types of repair services they are planning to get. 

As you know it is always beneficial to get professional advice about how to treat your freshly bandaged wound, whenever you get any. Similarly, it will be favorable for your car if you follow the exact instructions of a professional, for that matter too.

For those who are new or confused about whether to wash their car before or after repairs, keep on reading to get a general understanding.

Car Washing Before Repairs

Washing a car before repairs has manifold advantages. First of all, washing removes the curtain of dust, gunk, and grime from all over the car and brings the damaged parts to the light. This way you can evaluate your car parts that need repairing and servicing. 

Moreover, it is also helpful in estimating the cost of the repair. As a dirty car hides scratched and broken parts, you may not be sure what kinds of services your car might be needing. Getting a car wash before repair helps you to make a maintenance budget plan accordingly.   

Washing is inevitable if you are taking your car for exterior body services – waxing, paintwork, or body filler. This exterior bodywork can give you maximum results only if your car is thoroughly washed beforehand.

Muddy and messy tires must be smoothly cleaned before performing any tire repair services – tire balancing, alignment, rotation, or installment. 

On the contrary, sometimes in the following cases, your car does not need a wash before repairment: when you are taking your car for detailing or parts replacement.   

Car Washing After Repairs

In most cases, if you have washed your car before repairs there remains no need to wash it again afterward. Also, It is not binding to wash your car after regular tune-up or maintenance.

Generally, for some kinds of car repair, washing is prohibited only for a few hours. For instance, in cases of windshield replacement, oil changing, transmission service, and any type of engine service, you can wash your car after 24 hours.  

On the other hand, waxing, painting, and polishing require a couple of weeks to settle down. Meanwhile, a car should not be exposed to water. 

To fill up the minor car pits and even out the car body, body filling is needed. After the service, rule out car washing at least for 1 – 2 weeks. You can neither wash the car before performing body filling. Wiping the area with a damp cloth or towel will be sufficient.


If you are living in the neighborhood of the palm desert, go to the Grand Prix Wash– a car wash service, where experts are ready to offer first-rate trustworthy services and skillful guidelines. 

Whichever services you are opting for, ask professionals for advice so that your efforts and cash do not go down the drain. 


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