The benefits of automated car washes

The benefits of automated car washes


The benefits of automated car washes

Advantages of automatic car wash

Many small businesses use free advertising that comes with clearly visible signage on their company vehicles. When your vehicles travel miles of road with no wind they contaminate them in all weather. When you don’t clean grunge on your vehicle you send them the wrong message to the customer. Choosing automatic car washes makes cleaning your personal vehicles convenient. After all you do not want their first impression to be a lack of attention to detail. 

Types of Automated Carwashes

What is a tunnel car wash?

The most popular automatic car wash location is either a nearby Gas Station and at local car wash facilities.. This is your standard auto frictional carwash. Tunnel washes are typically those which only wash out a vehicle’s exterior – usually using touchless techniques. The full-service car washes involve applying paint protectant spray wax or sealants in end-optional step or hand drying. It is the commonest automatic car washing method.

What is an automatic car wash?

There are a few types of automatic car washing in North America: touchless or friction-based. Each type provides one way to accomplish the same task – clearing debris from vehicles from their bodies. There are multiple methods that provide specific services with different results. 

What is a brush car wash?

A brush car wash system involves two or more rotating circular brushes that help remove dirt and debris from your vehicle. Some of them use hot water to remove the dirt but not all the automatic car washes use hot water. The brushes are driven by an electric motor or water-powered. 

What is a no-touch car wash?

These systems do not use any manual contact for washing your vehicle. This method uses bristles that spin soft cloths against the body of the vehicle to remove dirt and debris from its surfaces. These types of car washes are best for keeping the wax on your car. 

It is easy to see why so many people choose automatic car washes over hand washing. They are not perfect though. 

Auto wash vs. hand wash

Small businesses often opt to use handwashing because they do so as this is safer and less expensive. They are often shocked about the idea that automatic car wash does indeed offer significant advantages and benefits.

Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle

Auto washes have specialized machinery which allows washing cars without compromising any detail of them. If you intend to do it your own way you will probably start using things that could potentially damage and possibly damage your car. This is unlikely because the washing machine can cause you serious accidents while doing the process, including scuff marks or stains. The machine shouldn’t be tired after that. Since computers have no memory for any errors they will not have to. There has always been equal and subtle pressure applied. As opposed if a hand washing was done by a human it likely meant putting too much or too little pressure over the skin.

Less wear and tear on vehicles

Touchless and brushless automatic cars wash clean with the high water-powered force. Automobile washes ensure your finish will last longer with higher pressure. Automatic washing uses high-pressure water power to ensure the finished result looks new for longer.


Conclusion paragraph: With automatic car washes, you can get clean on the go. You don’t have to worry about spending hours at the gas station or getting home from work and realizing you need your vehicle washed immediately. Plus with how great technology is these days – scratches are almost nonexistent! So book your car in for a wash today and save yourself time and money.

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    It was interesting when you said that your car could benefit from a new look for a longer time when automatic washing is used. My […] More...It was interesting when you said that your car could benefit from a new look for a longer time when automatic washing is used. My husband and I are planning to sell our family SUV next week since we have a new one. We will be sure to consider your tips to make sure that our car can be sold at a good rate because of its polished exterior. Less...

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    I found it interesting when you said that your car's details won't get compromised when you consider auto washes. This is something that I will […] More...I found it interesting when you said that your car's details won't get compromised when you consider auto washes. This is something that I will consider because I am planning to have our family SUV washed. We have plans to sell our car, so it is important for us to keep our car's value in a good condition. Less...

  • Reply Beth Ann E. Walsh October 22, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    Do you offer a discount for a second car when using one of the monthly car wash programs?

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