What Does Car Detailing Include?

What Does Car Detailing Include?


What Does Car Detailing Include?

Are you planning to book a car detailing appointment? You must know what’s included in your standard car detailing package before driving it to a car detailer.

Unlike car washing, car detailing is mostly done manually instead of using automation tools.

There are two types of car detailing; interior detailing & exterior detailing.

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing is more important than exterior detailing because — A clean and perfumed interior makes your driving easy and comfortable so that you only focus on the driving controls and operations.

Interior Detailing

Here’s what a standard interior car detailing process include:

  • Garbage Cleaning

First, a car detailer will take out all the garbage or unused items that visibly affect the car’s cleanliness. This step will be accompanied by vacuuming to further remove any small debris in the car.

  • Carpet & Seat Cleaning

Interior car detailing is incomplete without cleaning carpets and seating surfaces. An experienced car detailer would use a shampoo or a steam cleaner for the purpose. Furthermore, Any other leather surfaces will be cleaned during the process with a damped cloth.

  • Glass Cleaning

Although it looks like an exterior job, your glass window also needs to be cleaned from the inside. This ensures that you have a very clear view while driving the car. Any little obstruction in the form of dirt or grime can be dangerous, so the glass has to sparkle all the time.

  • Perfuming

To put a cherry on the cake, perfuming would be the last thing your car will need. Due to unnecessary garbage and a closed environment, the car may smell bad; a deodorant can give your car a good scent, contributing to boosting your mood and driving the car smoothly.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing is much more than just a ‘car wash’ — It actually revives the look of your car by removing scratches and taking care of the paint.

Exterior Detailing

In exterior detailing, you should expect the following procedures:

  • Body Cleaning

During a car detailing process, the car’s body will be washed by hand. Since automated systems can’t clean every part of your car, a hand wash will make sure that all the nooks and crannies are cleaned and ready for the next steps (claying, waxing, polishing, etc.)

  • Claying

Some contaminants can’t be cleaned with normal detergent. For that, your detailer will use a clay bar to remove residues and traces of overspray that might be left during washing.

  • Polishing

If you have used your car for a while, you might notice the polish getting faded off the car’s surface. Don’t worry — your car detailer will fix the polishing and restore your car’s original shine. 

  • Engine Cleaning

Although it’s an important part of car detailing, most car detailers don’t offer that in their standard package. GrandPrix Car Wash has fine car detailers who provide this feature at a great value. 

Book Your Car Detailing Appointment Now!

Head over to our car detailing service page, and book your next appointment in under 3 minutes! — It’s that easy! Experience the great car wash service in the heart of Palm Desert.


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